List of Obas

There were 25 Obas who had ruled unbroken tenure at Oke Idanre before the present Oba Arubiefin IV, who is the 26th Oba in Idanre witha residence partly on the hills, and partly in the new location at Odode.

The following list is referenced from the booklet, “The History of Idanre” by Chief S.A. Akindoju and Mr. M. O. Olagundoye from 1962, though the dates referred in the book are obviously apocryphal and not repeated here.

  1. Owa Agboogun led Idanre people from Utaja to Oke Idanre.
  2. Owa Baganju chose the site for the old palace at Oke Idanre and was the first Owa to live there.
  3. Owa Beyoja is known for fighting the Oyos during his reign.
  4. Owa Jarungan was the son of Baganju.
  5. Owa Ogbogbomudu.
  6. Owa Agunmanyan Alajula’de. Ajula’de refers to his sword, probably given to him as present from the Oba of Benin when he visited Benin as the first Oba of Idanre to do so. Supposedly, this Oba of Benin was his maternal brother.
  7. Owa Amuwaro.
  8. Owa Bogede.
  9. Owa Sofin.
  10. Owa Oganyeri (Aj’inamurobomaku). He was driven from Idanre because of some malady, but was cured and returned to the throne and held power for many years before he died.
  11. Owa Oluodo.
  12. Owa Obojo.
  13. Owa Olugharere.
  14. Owa Resilebete.
  15. Owa Elegbehoho.
  16. Owa Ogedemeru.
  17. Owa Orile. Cloth making at Idanre was started during his tenure of office.
  18. Owa Yiworo. Alade Market was founded during his reign.
  19. Owa Kulumo.
  20. Owa Arowojoye. The Akure war with Benin was fought during his reign, with the Idanre allying with Benin.
  21. Owa Ajikansekun.
  22. Owa Agunleye. Minor wars with the Ondos were fought and the Idanres assited the Ileshas to drive away the Oyos.
  23. Owa Arubiefin I. Reigned from unknown to 1912. It was during his reign that a treaty was made with the United Kingdom, Christianity was introduced, and the site of Anglican Mission at Oke Idanre was granted.
  24. Owa Gbolagbeye Arubiefin II. Reigned for only seven years, from 1913 to 1919. He was ill for the last four years of his illness, and his reign was troubled by conflict between Christians and the followers of the Traditional religions. The Native Court on the hills was established during his reign.
  25. Owa Aroleye Arubiefin III. Reigned from 1919 to 1976. It was during his reign that the settlement at Ilutitun Alade was established in 1930, and people descended from the old town of Oke Idanre and down to the new town of Odode Idanre in 1934. Christianity expanded during his reign, schools were built, and the modernisation began in the two new settlements. The main source for Idanre history, the Intelligence Report on Idanre District was compiled by Bovell-Jones was also compiled during his reign. This document remains the only written authority on old Idanre apart from the Colonial dispatches by Thomas Gilbert Carter KCMG.
  26. Owa Adegunle Arubiefin IV (1976-today) The Obaship institution with crown at Alade and Atosin began during his reign and expansion of the Oluship in other Idanre settlements are during his reign; more administrative divisions were created by creating more quarters e.g. Yaba Quarter, Opa/Odole Quarter, and Eto Quarter.